[WPF] Prevent the user from pasting an image in a RichTextBox

WPF’s RichTextBox control is quite powerful, and very handy if you need to accept rich text input. However, one of its features can become an issue: the user can paste an image. Depending on what you intend to do with the text entered by the user, you might not want that. When I googled for a way to prevent that, the only solutions I found suggested to intercept the Ctrl-V keystroke, and swallow the event if the clipboard contains an image.

Showing result suggestions in a WinRT SearchBox: bug regarding the image

Today I ran into a strange problem that made me waste an hour or two, so I thought I’d write about it in case someone else faces the same issue. The SearchBox control was introduced in Windows 8.1 to enable search scenarios from within a Windows Store app. One of its features is that it can show suggestions based on user input. There are three kinds of suggestions: History suggestions are search queries previously entered by the user.

[WPF] Paste an image from the clipboard (bug in Clipboard.GetImage)

Oops… 2 months already since my previous (and first) post… I really have to get on a more regular schedule ;) If you’ve ever tried to use the Clipboard.GetImage method in WPF, you probably had an unpleasant surprise… In fact, this method returns an InteropBitmap which, in some cases (most cases actually), can’t be displayed in an Image control : no exception is thrown, the image size is correct, but the image either appears empty or unrecognizable.