[WPF] Prevent the user from pasting an image in a RichTextBox

WPF’s RichTextBox control is quite powerful, and very handy if you need to accept rich text input. However, one of its features can become an issue: the user can paste an image. Depending on what you intend to do with the text entered by the user, you might not want that.

When I googled for a way to prevent that, the only solutions I found suggested to intercept the Ctrl-V keystroke, and swallow the event if the clipboard contains an image. There are several issues with this approach:

  • it doesn’t prevent the user from pasting using the context menu
  • it won’t work if the command’s shortcut has been changed
  • it doesn’t prevent the user from inserting an image using drag and drop

Since I wasn’t satisfied with this solution, I used the .NET Framework Reference Source website to look for a way to intercept the paste operation itself. I followed the code from the ApplicationCommands.Paste property, and eventually found the DataObject.Pasting attached event. It’s not a place where I had thought to look, but when you think about it, it actually makes sense. This event can be used to intercept a paste or drag and drop operation, and lets the hander do a few things:

  • cancel the operation completely
  • change which data format will be pasted from the clipboard
  • replace the DataObject used in the paste operation

In my case, I just wanted to prevent an image from being pasted or drag and dropped, so I just cancelled the operation when the FormatToApply was "Bitmap", as shown below.


<RichTextBox DataObject.Pasting="RichTextBox1_Pasting" ... />


private void RichTextBox1_Pasting(object sender, DataObjectPastingEventArgs e)
    if (e.FormatToApply == "Bitmap")

Of course, it’s also possible to handle this in a smarter way. For instance, if the DataObject contains several formats, we could create a new DataObject with only the acceptable formats. This way the user is still able to paste something, if not the image.