WPF 4.0

[VS2010] Binding support in InputBindings

THE feature that was missing from WPF ! Visual Studio 2010 beta 2 has been released last week, and it brings to WPF a long awaited feature : support for bindings in InputBindings. As a reminder, the issue in previous releases was that the Command property of the InputBinding class wasn't a DependencyProperty, so it wasn't possible to bind it. Furthermore, InputBindings didn't inherit the parent DataContext, which made it difficult to provide alternative implementations… Until now, in order to bind the Command of a KeyBinding or MouseBinding to a property of the DataContext, we had to resort to clumsy workarounds… I had eventually came up with an acceptable solution, described in this post, but I wasn't really satisfied with it (it used reflection on private members, and had annoying limitations).