[WPF] Creating parameterized styles with attached properties

Today I’d like to share a trick that I used quite often in the past few months. Let’s assume that in order to improve the look of your application, you created custom styles for the standard controls: OK, I’m not a designer… but it will serve the purpose well enough to illustrate my point ;). These styles are very simple, they’re just the default styles of CheckBox and RadioButton in which I only changed the templates to replace the BulletChromes with these awesome blue tick marks.

[WPF] Markup extensions and templates

Note : This post follows the one about a a markup extension that can update its target, and reuses the same code. You may have noticed that using a custom markup extension in a template sometimes lead to unexpected results… In this post I’ll explain what the problem is, and how to create a markup extensions that behaves correctly in a template. The problem Let’s take the example from the previous post : a markup extension which gives the state of network connectivity, and updates its target when the network is connected or disconnected :