C# Puzzle 2

Just another little puzzle based on an issue I had at work… Consider this piece of code : Console.WriteLine($"x > y is {x > y}"); Console.WriteLine($"!(x <= y) is {!(x <= y)}"); How would you declare and initialize x and y for the program to produce the following, apparently illogical, output? x > y is False !(x <= y) is True

C# Puzzle 1

I love to solve C# puzzles; I think it’s a great way to gain a deep understanding of the language. And besides, it’s fun! I just came up with this one: static void Test(out int x, out int y) { x = 42; y = 123; Console.WriteLine (x == y); } What do you think this code prints? Can you be sure? Post your answer in the comments! I’ll try to post more puzzles in the future if I can come up with others.