.NET 4.5

Building a project that target .NET Framework 4.5 in Visual Studio 2022

I maintain a few libraries that still target .NET Framework 4.5 (among others). .NET 4.5 has long been out of support, but I try to keep supporting older frameworks in my libraries as long as it’s not a major inconvenience, because many people maintain old applications that can’t easily be updated to a newer framework. Anyway, until recently, supporting .NET 4.5 wasn’t much of a problem, but today I hit a snag… Before installing VS 2022 on my Surface Pro, I removed VS 2019 and old versions of .

[WPF 4.5] Subscribing to an event using a markup extension

It’s been a while since I last wrote about markup extensions… The release of Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview, which introduces a number of new features to WPF, just gave me a reason to play with them again. The feature I’m going to discuss here is perhaps not the most impressive, but it fills in a gap of the previous versions: the support of markup extensions for events. Until now, it was possible to use a markup extension in XAML to assign a value to a property, but we couldn’t do the same to subscribe to an event.